My Name is Kristi

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My Name is Kristi

Her jacket is torn; her Mustang Track and Field sweat shirt is shredded and bloody.  But Kristi Ruth still has her arm and it still works, sort of.  This Iowa 4-H’er and farm safety advocate is a farm injury survivor.  She considers herself lucky and tells her story in “My Name is Kristi.”

Department of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering-Safety

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4 Responses to “My Name is Kristi”

  1. Risto Rautiainen Says:

    Thank you for making this video – hope as many as possible will see it.

  2. John Shutske Says:

    This is a very good video. I believe in the power of personal stories and testimonials! Kristi’s story is amazing and I am so glad for the lives of so many in the future that she “made it” through her injury and is there to inspire and encourage others. Her story WILL change people’s behaviors and I think will prevent future tragedies. You are a brave woman Kristi! I hope that those who watch this video know that safety is more than being aware and alert and having “common sense.” There are certain things that happen on farms where we KNOW bad things will eventually happen if the hazards and conditions exist that make an eventual injury inevitable. Press on Kristi (and ISU!!). You guys are doing great work.


  3. Allan Bare Says:

    The PTO video on the web site shown here illustrates the universal lever release safety guard that I invented in Australia.
    PTO related injuries are taken so seriously here that our state government safety authority allocated a million dollars for farmers to each purchase two safety guards free of cost. This outlay resulted in around 12,000 potential injuries being averted.
    I trust that when the economy improves, US authorities will see the benefit of this type of investment.
    Many years experience in this field has indicated that safety training should include the dangers of wearing gloves near rotating machinery.
    You excellent presentation clearly illustrates how quickly these accidents occur.

  4. derek mcahon Says:

    Thank you for making this video – hope as many as possible will see it and be inspired

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