Research-based Training Helps Child Care Providers

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Research-based Training Helps Child Care Providers

Iowa State University Extension works with other agencies to help child care providers, whether they’re in a home setting or a daycare center. Extension provides professional development to help care givers keep their skills up to date.  Other agencies may do jobs such as the marketing and networking for the child care providers.  A Clive provider and an Indianola provider talk about how ISU Extension has helped them.

Child Care and Early Childhood Education

3 Responses to “Research-based Training Helps Child Care Providers”

  1. Alexis Says:

    I’m a forty year old Single parent of a two year old with two jobs and 8 credits of school. In my writing class, I got an assignment that sent me into the blogosphere for the first time. I’ve spent five hours feeling tortured by the colossal waste of time reading these blogs has been. Until I read yours. Thanks

  2. Jed Says:

    What a fantastic comment Alexis! Thank you for the compliment on our work.

  3. Katie Says:

    Amazing! This video was awesome and really really showcased your programs well. I’m currently a 2’s teacher in San Francisco, CA researching for possible MA and/or PHD programs in ECE. Do you folks have any leads and are webinars available to all?

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